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HNL 1002: Cavalcade of Australia Can 3: 1932/33 Cricket England v Australia - Sydney Harbour - Launch HMAS Brisbane

1932-1933 Cricket Series England versus Australia. Captions . First test in Sydney, crowds, teams onto pitch, play, scoreboard, Australia wins. Second test 1932 won by Australians in Melbourne. Toss, Larwood bowls to Fingleton, enter Donald Bradman, Bradman bowled out. O'Reilly bowling for Australia, Sutcliffe batting. Sutcliffe out. Bradman again. - Australians wearing black armbands . Third Test in Adelaide 1933.
Access No. 40263 | 5 mins 1 sec | 1930s | Sydney, NSW; Melbourne, Vic; Adelaide, SA, Australia | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |
Light Cruiser HMAS Brisbane launched. Many ships in Sydney Harbour, cranes, Steamer Ferry. VS Large crowds at wharf. Launching of ship, The Town Class Light Cruiser HMAS Brisbane launched - the first cruiser to be built in Australia, bottle breaking, ship slides down slipway into the harbour, people hanging off crane to see launch, ship moves past camera as it is launched, WS afloat, lots of small craft on harbour filled with people, WS ship in the water surrounded by small craft and crane in the F/G, MS ship sitting on slipway (September 30th, 1915, Cockatoo Island)
Access No. 40265 | 4 mins 59 secs | 1910s | Sydney, NSW, Australia | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |