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Give Us This Day

Cinesound production by Ken G Hall. Minister at pulpit POV from aisle, congregation seated in pews, CU of children leaning on front of seats, crowds of hungry people during war, queuing for bread, smal Asian boy crying, food rations handed to crowds from back of truck. Dramatised segment of wounded soldier in pain in tropics, amongst palm trees. Pilot flying aircraft looking for wounded soldier. WS of parachute dropiing from plane. MS of two women packing food parcels, CU opening ration pack. Dramatised segment of soldiers eating rations. Restaurant scene between waitress and diners, barmen and customers complaining about food shortages. Two women at lunch in restaurant. Quick shot of Tower bridge in London. Aerial of London bombed and WS of rescuing people from the rubble. Two men having haircuts in Barber shop and man having his hair clipped WWII 1939-1945.
Access No. 42846 | 9 mins 44 secs | 1940s | Australia, Europe | © Film World | B&W |