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Balinese Gong Orchestra, A

A simple, explanatory film on the well-known gamelan gong and the instruments of the Tunjuk Orchestra.
Series : Our Asian Neighbours - Indonesia | Episode : 3 | Year : 1974 | Total Duration : 11 Minutes | Producer : John Morris
Director : Keith Gow |
Map of Australia and Indonesia to island of Bali. Traditional all male Balinese Gamelan orchestra. Ancient Perambanen Javanese temples with stone carvings depicting musicians and musical instruments. Musicians playing flutes, drums, cymbals and gongs. Men talking laughing and smoking on finishing play. Rice farmers in fields. Musicians sitting ready to play instruments.
Access No. 141946 | 2 mins 39 secs | 1970s | Bali, Indonesia | © NFSA | Colour |
Gamelan musicians with their instruments. Idiophone (gender), drum, horizontal gong and small cymbals. Large gongs, idiophones. Man playing the Gamelan scale on the idiophone with mallet. CU musician looking at camera. Musician then playing tune holding each key with fingers as he hits them. CUs men playing long double-ended drums. GS pair of gong players sounding notes on different sized hanging gongs with padded sticks. CU horizontal gong (kempli) being played as time keeper. CU musician's face. VS of the four instruments playing together.
Access No. 141947 | 2 mins 30 secs | 1970s | Bali, Indonesia | © NFSA | Colour |
High angle shot over musicians sitting behind Reyong, a set of twelve horizontal gongs and demonstrating with play. GS musicians playing metalaphones and CU largest one (jegogan) being played. CU ceng-ceng, mounted small cymbals being played. CUs bamboo flutes (suling) being played. VS of instruments playing together. VS of gamelan orchestra playing music from Ramayana dance drama.
Access No. 141948 | 5 mins 9 secs | 1970s | Bali, Indonesia | © NFSA | Colour |