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Gallery, The

A subjective look at the National Gallery of Victoria.
Series : Outlook | Year : 1970 | Total Duration : 9 Minutes | Producer : Gil Brealey
Director : Philip Mark Law |
VS architecture and water features of the National Gallery of Victoria. VS water wall and small boy with hand on it. VS interiors of exhibition area, paintings and sculptures. GS kinetic sculpture and silverware cabinet. VS of Rodin and Henry Moore sculptures and sculpture garden. WS folded brick wall. WS building reflected in windows and VS water features. VS leaping jets of water in courtyard. Exhibits in glass cases and reflections. CUs glassware. CUs faces of visitors of various ages and ethnicities. CU sculpture. CU illustrated manuscript. GS schoolchildren. Figures in Great Hall with stained glass ceiling. Visitors past large paintings (closest 'Sir Sampson Gideon and an Unidentified Friend" by Pompeo Batoni, 1767) and travelling up escalators with GS sculptures. Woman wearing cape, tilted circular pan of Great Hall stained glass ceiling. Couple giving piano recital, audience. Quicktime clip available.
Access No. 136773 | 5 mins 30 secs | 1970s | Melbourne, Vic, Australia | © NFSA and National Gallery of Victoria | Colour |
CUs face of marble sculpture and various paintings including one by Dickerson, a van Dyck painting "Rachel de Ruvigny, Countess of Southampton (c1640), and portrait "Crown Prince Frederick Augustus of Saxony (1714-1715)" by Nicolas de Largilliere. VS visitors looking at exhibits. Unusual view of walking legs reflected in 'X' patterns. VS Great Hall. School group. CU water wall and woman's face behind water. VS water features. VS formally dressed crowd looking at Rodin and Moore sculptures. Sculptures seen by torchlight at night. VS people interacting with water wall of National Gallery of Victoria. GS sculptures in Gallery, escalators, reflections, architectural details and city outlook. WS of Gallery exterior. Quicktime clip available.
Access No. 136807 | 2 mins 38 secs | 1970s | Melbourne, Vic, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |