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Great Barrier Reef

A look at the fascinating marine life of the Great Barrier Reef.
Year : 1968 | Total Duration : 26 Minutes | Producer : Richard Mason
Director : Kit Guyatt |
Baby turtle emerging from egg shell. Coral reef. Giant clam. Scientist researching coral specimens. Turtle
Turtle digging a nest in sand to lay eggs, at night.
CUs Muttonbird (Wedge-Tailed Shearwater) in burrow nest and CUs pair on sand. WS Scrub-turkey (Australian Brush-turkey) in open forest. VS Australian Museum director Frank Talbot scuba diving studying underwater samples with fellow scientist. VS mapping coral with squares and marking wires. Dr McMichael snorkelling to giant clam, dislodging, removing it and with clam specimen at base camp. CUs tagging clam. Talbot smoking pipe, looking at fish under microscope, recording findings etc. WS scientists at base camp, pan to sea. Underwater track of coral reef. Micro shots of plankton, diatoms, worms etc. Mass of sardines feeding, school of barracuda through blue sea, sea perch around coral, school swimming around coral. GS rainbow runners and VS sharks and shark eating fish. Zoom to coral and micro shot purple polyps. VS corals, fish around coral.
Access No. 133022 | 7 mins 51 secs | 1960s | Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef, Qld, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Good ECU tube worm emerging from coral polyp then withdrawing. VS hydroid coral, CU black & white featherstar. Giant clams, one blowing out water. Slate-pencil sea urchin spotlit at night, egg cowries with black mantle. VS staghorn coral, CU mushroom coral, platform coral, brain coral. Micro shots of soft coral skeleton structure. VS soft corals. Zoom to long-snouted Wrasse around shelf corals. GS yellow-tailed Wrasse. Moorish idol amongst drummers and unicornfish. Yellow Emperor over staghorn coral and GS Sea Perches. Good CU young damselfish amongst staghorn coral with blue adult. VS bullfish (Pennant Bannerfish), Sweetlips with cleaner fish, Angelfish, Black Saddled Toby and GS weever fish. GS Black Anemonefish in sea anemone and track of Yellow Trumpetfish past staghorn coral. Various Butterflyfish including Black-backed, Rainford's, Dusky, Lined, Threadfin and Chevroned. GS Leatherjacket, Unicornfish. Good ECU of tiny blue fish sleeping in coral.
Access No. 133025 | 5 mins 8 secs | 1960s | Great Barrier Reef, Qld, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Various CUs fish sleeping in rock and coral crevices, others feeding, all spotlit at night. CU alarm clock, VS zoologist Robert Bustard waking and dressing. GS research group gathered around large nesting adult turtle, three researchers with torches at night observing tracks. Plumes of sand against night sky, VS turtle digging in sand, CUs laying eggs. CU egg cracking and baby turtle struggling from shell. High shots and CUs over baby turtles emerging from sand burrows, jostling and over sand towards sea. WS beach at night with mass of baby turtles hurrying to waves and swimming on water surface. GS baby turtles swimming underwater. CU turtle digging false nest in sand at night. Turtle pushing itself over sand towards sea. VS turtle swimming in clear blue sea. VS engravings of Captain Cook.
Access No. 133028 | 5 mins 53 secs | 1960s | Great Barrier Reef, Qld, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |