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One Man's War

An Australian infantryman's view of the Korean war.
Year : 1951 | Total Duration : 9 Minutes | Producer : Jack S Allan
Director : Tom Gurr |
CU man, Chris Jones, lighting cigarette. Jones walking into Information Bureau to enlist. CU Jones in uniform. Servicemen from 3rd Batallion Royal Australian Regiment walking up steps of Qantas aircraft at Kingsford Smith airport. Aircraft over camera. Interior, soldiers eating meal. Street scenes Tokyo. Jones, in uniform, window shopping, in grounds of Imperial Palace, exterior General Macarthur's HQ in WWII. Taking photograph of Japanese woman in traditional dress. Neon lights of Tokyo.
Access No. 40368 | 2 mins | 1950s | Kingsford Smith Airport, Sydney, NSW, Australia; Tokyo, Japan | © NFSA | B&W |
HAS Seoul, Parliament building being repaired, flashback to guns firing in city. Australian soldier Chris Jones, Third Battalion Royal Australian Regiment, walking around ruined city. Korean families living in caves, baby bathed in tub, Jones watching people threshing wheat by hand. Korean families watching Australian walk past in rural area. Soldiers walking by river, taking break, sharing cigarette with local man. Military trucks and jeeps, dusty roads.
Access No. 40369 | 2 mins 35 secs | 1950s | Korea | © NFSA | B&W |
Australian soldier from the Third Battalion Royal Australian Regiment, Chris Jones with mine dogs - terriers, spaniels, puppy. Dogs at mine fields. Guns loaded and fired. 3rd Battalion headquarters, United Nations and Australian flags. Mortars and boxes of ammunition gathered, mortars fired, explosions. Looking through binoculars, explosions, run for cover, CU firing machine gun. Ambulance helicopter arriving, stretcher loaded on outside. CU men shooting, tuning in radio for news. Jones relaxing on camp bed at night.
Access No. 125569 | 4 mins 41 secs | 1950s | Korea | © NFSA | B&W |