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Australia's Native Fauna

A special 100th Australian Diary program on Australian wildlife.
Series : Australian Diary | Episode : 100 | Year : 1957 | Total Duration : 10 Minutes | Producer : Jack S Allan
Unique native animals & birds of Australia, kangaroo, good slow motion, mob and joey shots, dingo and pups being trained as police dogs, marsupial native cat (quoll), Tasmanian Tiger, (thylacine) , remains of giant wombat in Darling River, birdlife at Murray River swamp, lyre bird, cranes, kookaburras laughing, emu running next to car , group eating, chicks, Tasmanian scenics, platypus in river, echidna swimming and digging, koala in tree, man holding koala with baby, two baby koalas playing, albino koala (1957)
Access No. 43412 | 9 mins 19 secs | 1950s | Murray River, Darling River, NSW, Australia, Tas, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |