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Geoffrey Robertson Out Takes Tape 1

Barrister and human rights advocate Geoffrey Robertson QC believes that it is nurture not nature that shapes moral integrity, but does his family history support his theory?
Series : Who Do You Think You Are? | Episode : 3 | Year : 2007 | Total Duration : 52 Minutes | Producer : Brian Beaton (Executive Producer for Artemis International) , Margie Bryant (Executive Producer for Serendipity Productions), Celia Tait (Series Producer)
Director : Judy Rymer, Alan Carter (Director of Edit) |
POV driving along road beside The Minch strait, in Isle of Skye. Pan along barren landscape. Sunrise or sunset reflected on water. Car along country road past farmhouses, green fields, stone villages and snow capped highlands. Crofter House in Isle of Skye. Good pink sunset on strait. Dark clouds and mountains. Sheep with black faces and long woolly coats grazing in the dry grasses. Car along rough gravel road. Black sheep.
Access No. 146901 | 42 mins 30 secs | 2000s | Isle of Skye, Scotland | © NFSA | Colour |