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Timber Town

Life in a country town dependent on the timber industry in the karri country, South-west WA.
Year : 1972 | Total Duration : 12.5 Minutes | Producer : Malcolm Otton
Director : Oliver Howes |
Forestry worker felling a tree in Karri forest. Forestry worker felling a tree in Karri forest. Timber being transported by a goods train. Train conductor standing beside a goods train.
WS Landrover arriving at timber house in country street to pick up logger with chainsaw. Wife and baby on verandah to farewell him. VS men driving through forest track. Tilt view up tall karri tree as chainsaw cuts through trunk. VS trees being felled. VS logger, cigarette in mouth. VS wife with three children at local shops. children playing hockey on oval. CU forestry officer taking aim with rifle, woman holding ears, high branch falling to ground. VS officers inspecting seed pods, CUs seeds, seeds being sown in nursery. VS seedlings being lifted by tractor and by hand. VS forest being replanted with karri seedlings. Officers through forest surveying wildlife trapped in sugarbags. VS Woylie (Brush-tailed Bettong) pulled from bag, measured, tagged and released.
Access No. 148221 | 5 mins 36 secs | 1970s | WA, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
GS young women playing hockey. Australian Rules football games and VS male spectators. Tilt up tall karri trees to towers. Man in tower with binoculars watching for bushfires, on telephone reporting sighting. WS over forest POV tower. Light aircraft on dirt runway. Landrover in forest and driver shooting smoke signal into air guiding aircraft to target area to drop incendiary capsule for control burn. VS aircraft interior and air-to-air. CU capsule dropped on leaf litter igniting, GS flames in low intensity burn off. Interior shots of pilot and co-pilot in plane. Aerial views of spot fires. VS timber-getters using tractors to winch logs out of forest and onto logging truck. VS truck down dirt road, through town to mill. Men unloading logs and VS saw milling. VS bandsaw. Milled karri planks being loaded. WS train carrying timber through town. VS tracks and railway signals.
Access No. 148519 | 5 mins 36 secs | 1970s | WA, Australia | © Restricted Access | Colour |