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Jetja Nai Medical Mob - Naomi Mayers

Highly respected for her expertise and commitment to Aboriginal health, Naomi Mayers's strength comes from her background on the old Cummeragunja mission.
Series : Everyday Brave | Episode : 3 | Year : 2001 | Total Duration : 26 Minutes | Producer : Rod Freedman
Director : Catriona McKenzie |
Opening titles. Naomi Mayers walking along railway bridge at Redfern Station, she stops to talk to man. MCU traffic passing. Regent Street and Airport sign. MS of Naomi walking. Andrew Refshauge interview giving a description of Naomi's personality. Naomi arriving at medical centre. Interview with Puggy Hunter, Kimberley Medical Service.
Access No. 130915 | 39 secs | 2000s | Redfern, Sydney, NSW, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
B&W still of referendum for Aboriginal right to vote handout / flyer featuring an Aboriginal baby promoting Aboriginal voting rights. B&W footage of the 1967 referendum, interior polling station.
Access No. 130916 | 1 min 11 secs | 1960s | Australia | © ABC | B&W |
Redfern railway station signs
Access No. 130917 | 2 secs | 2000s | Redfern, Sydney, NSW, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |
Pan of children playing in street, including indigenous Aboriginal children, to Aboriginal man.
Access No. 130918 | 10 secs | 1960s | Australia | © ABC | B&W |
Various shots street protest, banners reading Òfree black australiaÓ. Demonstrators include Aboriginal people.
Access No. 130919 | 15 secs | 1970s | Australia | © AFI | B&W |
Naomi Mayers interview, talks about Aboriginal medical services. Archival footage of anti-apartheid demonstration in background. Full screen archival footage Springboks demonstrations during South African rugby union 1971 tour to Australia. Police arresting protesters on rugby field.
Access No. 130920 | 29 secs | 1970s | SCG, Sydney, NSW, Australia | © Film World | B&W |
Naomi Mayers interview, talking about sick young girl found by the Advancement League. Slow motion Naomi walking in busy street, cars passing in foreground.
Access No. 130921 | 32 secs | 2000s | Redfern, Sydney, NSW, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Tilt up exterior of Aboriginal Medical Service building, Aboriginal patients in waiting room. Aboriginal nurse, Sister Marjorie Baldwin, talking to male patients sitting on couch. Sister Baldwin brings one patient into consulting room. Various shots of her giving him an examination and consultation.
Access No. 130922 | 49 secs | 1970s | Redfern, Sydney, NSW, Australia | © Film World | B&W |
Still photo Fred Hollows with Aboriginal doctors and boy. Super : voice of Fred Hollows.
Access No. 130923 | 7 secs | Unknown | Australia | © Naomi Mayers | Colour |
Close-up hands holding pill bottle. Pan to female Aboriginal patient. Pan back to Aboriginal nurse taking notes on medical history record card.
Access No. 130924 | 11 secs | 1970s | Australia | © AFI | B&W |
Still b&w photograph two doctors with Aboriginal child. Still b&w photograph doctors standing next to chest x-ray on wall.
Access No. 130925 | 8 secs | Unknown | Australia | © Naomi Mayers | B&W |
Still b&w photograph three parked ambulances, ambulance officer and nurse standing behind ambulance on right. Naomi Mayer interview with b&w still image of hospital in background.
Access No. 130926 | 14 secs | Unknown | © St. Vincent's Hospital | B&W |
Various still photographs of St. Vincent's nurses, female Aboriginal volunteer in dispensary, male Aboriginal volunteer in office, people standing in front of AMS banner, b&w Naomi Mayer as young woman
Access No. 130927 | 21 secs | Unknown | Australia | © Naomi Mayers | Colour |
Interview with Andrew Refshauge, NSW Deputy Premier (super). Still b&w photograph of Refshauge as bearded young man. Still colour photo of young Refshauge with beard. Still b&w photo young Refshauge. Still b&w photograph young Naomi Mayers sitting at desk. Interview Refshauge and NSW Deputy Premier. Still colour photo AMS team in front of 4wd truck.
Access No. 130928 | 26 secs | Unknown | Australia | © Aboriginal Medical Service | Colour |
Pan from montage of photographs on desk to Naomi Mayers and Andrew Refshauge looking at and reminiscing about photos. Cut to Naomi talking about past conversation with Andrew , b&w image of terraced houses in background.
Access No. 130929 | 19 secs | 2000s | Australia | © Catriona McKenzie | Colour |
Various still photographs Naomi Mayers with friends and family.
Access No. 130930 | 13 secs | Unknown | Australia | © Naomi Mayers | Colour |
Interview Andrew Refshauge. POV travelling car dry Australian landscape with trees in foreground, orange sunset light, clear sky. MS white car being driven by Naomi Mayers. Wide shot country road lined with telegraph poles. WS farmhouse and trees with orange ground in foreground, beautiful blue sky with white scattered clouds. Two wide shots shady creek running through Cumeragunja . Entrance to Cumragunja Cemetery.
Access No. 130931 | 35 secs | 2000s | NSW, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Naomi Mayers and two friends standing at grave in cemetery. Interview with Naomi, talking about various graves. Tilt up dead tree trunk against white clouds moving slowly across vivid blue sky . Wooden fence, soft focus background. WS old-fashioned red truck sitting in field. Cut to MS 1950s red truck. rear view yellow car travelling along country road past road signs to Nathala, Shepparton and Picola. Interview Naomi as she drives car, talking about Shepparton school.
Access No. 130932 | 1 min 7 secs | 2000s | Vic, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
White car pulling into carpark , super saying Shepparton East School Reunion. Naomi Mayers with family members / friends walking into school grounds. WS school reunion audience clapping speaker. MS Naomi clapping amidst crowd. CU finger pointing at handwritten role. Naomi and two friends looking at role, all wearing glasses. Travelling shot orchard in soft light. Interview in shed with Thelma Andrew, Naomi's cousin, and Beverly Briggs, Naomi's sister. Truck. Interview Naomi, standing with family and singing song about two-up. Naomi in orchard.
Access No. 130933 | 2 mins 25 secs | 2000s | Shepparton, Vic, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Still b&w photograph Naomi Mayer's parents. Zoom to mother.
Access No. 130934 | 6 secs | Unknown | Australia | © Naomi Mayers | B&W |
Still b&w photograph St. Aidan's Convent orphanage. Naomi Mayers interview, with image of convent in background, talking about arrival at orphanage. Photo of St. Aidan's. Various shots of Naomi and sister inside convent, talking of experiences there. Various shots derelict interior. Stained glass window. Fade to b&w photo of altar in chapel.
Access No. 130935 | 1 min 24 secs | 2000s | Melbourne, VIC, Australia | © Good Shepherd Sisters | Colour |
Interview with Naomi Mayers, talking of memories at orphanage, b&w image of church building in background. Interview with Thelma Andrew, Naomi's cousin. WS Naomi standing in empty room of convent. CU Naomi's face. Thelma interview. Various shots Naomi and sister Beverly standing in large, empty room. LS women walking out of room. Empty room.
Access No. 130936 | 1 min 16 secs | 2000s | Melbourne, VIC, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Interview with Naomi Mayers, talking about her grandmother, Nanny Theresa Clements. Still b&w photograph of Nanny Clements in background.
Access No. 130937 | 16 secs | 2000s | Australia | © Naomi Mayers | Colour |
Interview with Beverly Briggs, Naomi Mayer's sister. Static shot of rustic shack. Naomi and Beverly standing outside shack / shed. POV camera through opening door into kitchen area. Naomi in kitchen, interview. Various shots Abbotsford Convent buildings.
Access No. 130938 | 36 secs | 2000s | Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Abbotsford Convent gardens with church spire in background. Still b&w photograph Abbotsford Convent. Naomi Mayers interview with convent image in background. Colour photo of dining hall interior. LS Naomi standing at window in empty room. MS Naomi looking out window.
Access No. 130939 | 33 secs | 2000s | Melbourne, VIC, Australia | © Good Shepherd Sisters | Colour |
Still b&w photograph young Naomi Mayers with sister Beverly. B&W photo young Beverly. Interview with Beverly Briggs, talking about convent experiences. Interview Naomi, talking about racism. Abbotsford Convent in background.
Access No. 130940 | 42 secs | 2000s | Australia | © Good Shepherd Sisters | B&W |
Still b&w photograph children, panning across faces. Naomi Mayers interview with b&w photo in background.
Access No. 130941 | 18 secs | 2000s | Australia | © Lois Peeler | B&W |
Still b&w photograph women in swimsuits. Zoom to young Naomi Mayers and sister Beverly in photo. Super with names.
Access No. 130942 | 14 secs | Unknown | Australia | © Naomi Mayers | B&W |
Mist moving. Church spire. Interviews with Naomi Mayers and sister Beverly Briggs. Naomi standing outside derelict convent buildings. Fade to black.
Access No. 130943 | 1 min 13 secs | 2000s | Melbourne, VIC, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Exterior of Aboriginal mission church in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Churches of Christ sign. Congregation / churchgoers singing. Pastor Doug Nicholls. Pastor Nicholls and man standing outside hostel, then entering through gate. Greeting Evelyn Geeves, Naomi Mayers' mother. Pastor Nicholls singing and clapping hands with Aboriginal youth. CU young Naomi.
Access No. 130944 | 1 min 25 secs | 1960s | Fitzroy, Melbourne, VIC, Australia | © ABC | B&W |
Various b&w photographs , including beauty queen, group photos, Naomi Mayers with Asian baby, wedding photos Naomi and Keith Mayers, singing group ÒSapphiresÓ, son Joseph as baby, boyfriend Sol, daughter Tamara with Joseph.
Access No. 130945 | 1 min 14 secs | 1960s | Australia | © Naomi Mayers | B&W |
Various children fighting and playing in playground. Close-ups Aboriginal girls. Interview with Andrew Refshauge talking about malnourishment of children in Redfern.Lands Rights demonstrations. Australia Day 1988, anti bicentennial. Also Aboriginal deaths in custody. Inside radio station. Stockshots including HAS of Redfern, trains, children in streets etc.
Access No. 130946 | 20 secs | 1970s | Australia | © ABC | B&W |
Shirley Smith. Various Aboriginal children eating around table. Interview with Andrew Refshauge. Interview with Lois Peeler, Naomi Mayers' cousin.
Access No. 130947 | 55 secs | 1970s | Redfern, Sydney, NSW, Australia | © Ningla-A-Na | B&W |
Teenage Aboriginal girl having lipstick applied. Cut to interview with Andrew Refshauge. CU girl having eye make-up applied. View in mirror of girl having hair blow-dried. Interview with Naomi Mayers, photo of fashion parade in background. Various shots of fashion parade with Aboriginal girls modelling clothes on catwalk. Photographs of models posing in Paris. Interview with Refshauge.
Access No. 130948 | 1 min 36 secs | 1980s | Sydney, NSW, Australia | © Aboriginal Medical Service | Colour |
Participants in Sydney Gay Mardi Gras. Drag Queen with arm around Naomi Mayers, paying her compliments / singing her praise. Naomi taking part in parade. Aboriginal float in parade. Interview with Naomi. Interview with Andrew Refshauge.
Access No. 130949 | 1 min 19 secs | 1980s | Sydney, NSW, Australia | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | Colour |
Interview with Naomi Mayers, still b&w photograph of Redfern street in background. Interview with Puggy Hunter. Naomi sitting at desk in office, dialling and making telephone call. CU Naomi on phone. MS Naomi in street with mural on wall in background. Fade to black.
Access No. 130950 | 1 min 6 secs | 2000s | Redfern, Sydney, NSW, Australia | © Catriona McKenzie | Colour |