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Geoffrey Robertson Out Takes 2

Barrister and human rights advocate Geoffrey Robertson QC believes that it is nurture not nature that shapes moral integrity, but does his family history support his theory?
Series : Who Do You Think You Are? | Episode : 3 | Year : 2007 | Total Duration : 52 Minutes | Producer : Brian Beaton (Executive Producer for Artemis International) , Margie Bryant (Executive Producer for Serendipity Productions), Celia Tait (Series Producer)
Director : Judy Rymer, Alan Carter (Director of Edit) |
CU on house, hydrangeas in garden, wood pile in backyard, shed, outside toilet and Hills clothes hoist. Exterior Drummoyne Presbyterian church. Travelling shot under the span and cables of Anzac Bridge. Drive along Darling Street Roselle. Statue of digger on Anzac Bridge. Drive along Macquarie Street Sydney. Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge from ferry. Interior Queen Victoria Building and Queen Victoria statue on exterior. Ferry approaching Circular Quay. CU of dining table set with colonial / period cutlery, plates and silverware.
Access No. 146894 | 18 mins 15 secs | 2000s | Sydney, NSW, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Qantas flight to Canberra. Clouds through window of aeroplane. CU on engine propeller in flight. Landing POV of passenger. Aerial of landscape near Canberra, passengers alight down steps onto tarmac. Soldier at Australian War Memorial. Simpson and his Donkey statue. Travelling shot along Monaro Highway. Gedegederick Church, inetrior and exterior. Anzac bridge
Access No. 146895 | 11 mins 15 secs | 2000s | Canberra, ACT, Sydney, NSW, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Berlin at night, fairy lights in trees, lining the streets. Domed roof of Postsdamer Platz. Interior and exterior Berlin Archives. Berlin Catholic Church and surrounding buildings. Castle Lindstedt and cherry blossom in Potsdamer. Brandenburg Gates at night and the Opera House. Interior Doherty Street Chambers London showing lead light stained glass windows.
Access No. 146896 | 18 mins 52 secs | 2000s | Berlin, Germany, London, UK, | © NFSA | Colour |
Highlands, stone walls, and old stone house, Crofter House, snow capped mountains. Crab pots on stone jetty on edge of loch. White cottages with slate roofs. Lighthouse at Isleornsay with snow capped mountains in background. Single bird flying over water, landing on shore near old timber boat. Cars along road past snow capped mountains. Tower Bridge in London,
Access No. 146897 | 9 mins 8 secs | 2000s | Isle of Skye, London, UK | © NFSA | Colour |