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The Showman - In Frank Hurley's Footsteps (Out Takes)

The life and work of the renowned Australian photographer, filmmaker and adventurer, Frank Hurley.
Year : 2002 | Total Duration : 55 Minutes | Producer : Anna Cater
Director : Simon Nasht |
Departure Sir Hubert Wilkins exploration ship, good shots ship through stormy grey seas, abandonned shack, VS men pulling sled through snow, VS Antarctic landscapes with snow and barren rock, relics of Hurley expedition in hut, construction of demountable hut, time-lapse pulling it down again, wooden structure (perhaps an outhouse), seal on snow and entering water, memorial to 1913 explorers, VS penguins on rocks.
Access No. 136342 | 90 mins 22 secs | 2000s | Australia; Antarctica | © NFSA | Colour |
Man and woman (?) interviewed, VS penguins and seals, good shot of seal lying on back, expedition ship tossed around on grey sea, penguins jumping onto rocks from surf, VS penguins on rocks some with chicks, seal lying on back posing for cameraman using old-fashioned film camera, good shot penguins on icefloe in rain, explorer and teepee shaped tent, VS icebergs and cliffs, expedition shack, explorer writing notes, VS penguin colony on ice, high angle pan bay with ice cliffs, penguins swimming in icy water, good WS penguins waddling across snow, re-enactment Frank Hurley filming penguins in blizzard, man (?) talking to camera, wooden hut, CU penguin lying on belly, penguin scratching and preening, VS penguins and chicks, explorers in outboard motor boat, POV boat as it approaches icy shore and hut.
Access No. 136343 | 91 mins 48 secs | 2000s | Antarctica | © NFSA | Colour |
VS rocky shoreline with some snow meeting grey sea, some time-lapse, POV rear of boat moving through cold grey sea, VS POV ship past iceberg, iceberg in sunlit sea, VS film crew, explorers in rubber tenders, man (?) interviewed in ship's wheelhouse, VS finger pointing at exploration maps, green coastline, ship's bow through loose ice, VS exploration ship past icebergs, POV ship through grey ocean, seal lying in bed of kelp, good shot kelp on undulating water, VS seal colony, VS young brown birds (probably skuas), young penguins, VS massive penguin colony on coastline, penguins commuting along stream, swimming in surf, MS two seals rubbing up against each other, CU seal yawning, CU flippers like hands, CU nostrils flaring, VS good shots massive penguin colony crowded on shore, lush green vegetation on shoreline, POV ship to sunset sky, man (?) on ship to camera, radar screen.
Access No. 136344 | 93 mins 3 secs | 2000s | Antarctica | © NFSA | Colour |