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Surveys social, political and economic developments in Papua and New Guinea
Year : 1971 | Total Duration : 42 Minutes | Producer : Roland Beckett
Director : John Grady |
Aerial view of Bagana volcano, Bougainville, Papua New Guinea. Boy walking on stilts while children playing around him. Group of Papua New Guinean women and children watching a woman weave large grass bag. Papua New Guinean man having his chest painted for a traditional ceremony. Papua New Guinean man squatting outside a hut threading shells onto a fishing line.
Papua New Guinean men dancing and playing the drums in a traditional 'Sing Sing' ceremony. Papua New Guinean men looking at the coffee bean tree. Papua New Guinean woman preparing clay to make a ceramic bowl. Portrait of a Papua New Guinean man wearing a feather headdress. Portrait of two Papua New Guinean woman, surrounded by people gathered for traditional ceremony.
Portrait of two Papua New Guinean women sitting on grass. Two Papua New Guinean men shooting bows and arrows.