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No Harm in Logging

Demonstrates safe working practices in felling and handling timber.
Year : 1969 | Total Duration : 19 Minutes | Producer : Frank Bagnall
Director : Jack Rogers |
Loggers walking into forest, tilt up tall trees, GS timber-getter felling tall tree with chainsaw. Laden timber truck along dirt road. VS log on machine being moved through processing at sawmill, MS machine operator, CU safety record board. GS bulldozer and VS logger felling several trees and using chainsaw to cut to shorter lengths. CU safety book cut through with steel toe cap showing. Logger riding on log, log rolling down slope. VS bulldozer canopies. MS log falling on driver, bouncing off canopy. VS log being measured, CUs measurements being stamped into log base with hammer. VS timber trucks being loaded by bulldozers and front-end loaders, front-end loaders making snig tracks through forest. CU boot slipping on log, man strapping spikes onto boot sole. VS loggers using machinery to tighten log bindings on truck. CUs driver checking brakes and fastening seatbelt.
Access No. 148512 | 9 mins 32 secs | 1960s | NSW, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
High angle WS timber truck on steep dirt road, accident scene between truck and logging truck. CU truck safety sign, CU brake watering system on truck. MS truck driver using casting off device on timber load, VS drivers demonstrating safe unloading methods. VS truck driver at night, unloading truck at night. Unloading logs with winch at sawmill. Front end loader loading, unloading logs and VS other uses. VS bulldozer fitting being attached and used for moving sawn timbers. VS safety devices used in logging. VS logging machinery in action.
Access No. 148545 | 7 mins 50 secs | 1960s | NSW, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |