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Calcutta Christmas, A - Out Takes

Hidden in the middle of noisy, vibrant Calcutta is a quiet oasis, the Tollygunge Home, a refuge for 35 elderly Anglo-Indians who still cling to the belief that Britain is their true home.
Year : 1998 | Total Duration : 52.5 Minutes | Producer : Denise Haslem
Director : Maree Delofski |
Roll 29 - Busy, bustling crowds on Calcutta street. Men carrying bundles of goods in their arms and on their heads. Pedestrians moving amongst traffic. High-rise apartments and shops. Passengers alight from moving buses and taxis. Superintendent Noel Puxty talks with residents of Tollygunge home. Mrs Dutta with members of her family congregate in the dining room of the Home with residents. She leaves the grounds of the home in black car. Young children alongside outdoor Christmas altar with decorations.
Access No. 88043 | 30 mins 35 secs | 1990s | Calcutta, India | © NFSA | Colour |
Roll 13 - Residents Reeves and Jimmy set up Christmas decorations in the dining room. Reeves blows up balloons and attaches string. Mr Noel Puxty, Superintendent of the home watches.
Access No. 92510 | 23 mins 39 secs | 1990s | Calcutta, India | © NFSA | Colour |
Roll 44 - Residents of Tollygunge Home at the Calcutta Zoo take time out to eat their lunch. The ill female resident is taken by car back to the home. The residents have their photograph taken. MS of Bengal tiger in grassy area of zoo. Spoonbill bird in enclosure eating tray of dead fish. Residents watch giraffes in their enclosure. Residents seated together are entertained by residents singing and female resident dancing.
Access No. 92512 | 56 mins 50 secs | 1990s | Calcutta, India | © NFSA | Colour |
Roll 26 -VS of residents at Home including in the garden and on the verandah. Two black birds pick at old paper on grass. VS grounds of home. Empty dormitory. Male resident in room with Christian holy pictures on the walls. Television set showing commercials and a One Day International cricket game - India vs Sri Lanka. Cook in kitchen fanning clay oven and stirring pot. Food is served in the dining room. Residents in their rooms eating. Female resident dictates a letter to Mr Louis Robertson. Patrick Glaskin marks off calendar days.
Access No. 92516 | 60 mins 20 secs | 1990s | Calcutta, India | © NFSA | Colour |
Roll 28 - Superintendent of Home Mr Noel Puxty sits at his desk another man is by his side. Residents of the home sit at tables with ledgers and rupee notes in the office of Mr Puxty. Residents line up at the office entrance to collect their monies. They sign the ledger on receipt of their allowance. Gladys and Doris sit on verandah with newspaper. Evangeline McKenzie comforts the daughter of a sick resident. They visit the mother who lies in her bed. Daughter in the office of Noel Puxty and matron. Ambulance arrives to transport patient.
Access No. 92518 | 48 mins 50 secs | 1990s | Calcutta, India | © NFSA | Colour |
Roll 43 - VS of man on bike with knife sharpener attached to frame. He is in the garden of Tullygunge with some residents. He sharpens their knives. VS of female residents in garden and on verandah of home. Mrs Evangeline McKenzie on verandah knitting. Doris and Gladys seated together in the home. Male resident talking to camera.
Access No. 92520 | 27 mins 48 secs | 1990s | Calcutta, India | © NFSA | Colour |
Roll 51 - Group of residents in the grounds of home. Dog lying in sun on exterior stairs of home. Mrs Hortencia Loxton with other residents on verandah. Traffic on Calcutta street. Unidentified man travelling in taxi. POV from taxi as it travels along Calcutta street. Tram on street. Male resident smoking cigarette in garden. CU faces of people on street. Mr Louis Robertson sits at monument to Queen Victoria in Calcutta. VS of monument and white stone building on lake. Resident Mrs Gladys Minwalla seated on verandah.
Access No. 92522 | 23 mins 45 secs | 1990s | Calcutta, India | © NFSA | Colour |
Roll 32 - Two storey house with verandahs in Calcutta. CU cinema bill board posters. Street vendors with passing traffic. Elderly man in saffron robes crossing street. Animal carcasses hanging in open shop window. Bus with passengers passes. Group of men and one woman standing below cinema poster. CU cinema poster. Stall selling pots and pans. Squatting man beating small mattress with stick. Street vendor selling sweets. Street sign reads ÒJesus Crucified, Jesus Risen, Joy of ManÓ. CU Hindi mural.
Access No. 92529 | 12 mins 1 sec | 1990s | Calcutta, India | © NFSA | Colour |
Roll 21 - Street corner in Calcutta with shop sign - Captain Cook. People waiting on street with passing three wheeled taxis and buses. Dilapidated buildings with advertising including sign for Coca Cola. Elderly residents of the Tollygunge Home congregate in recreational area for Christmas party. Band members set up their instruments on stage area. Woman arrives with tea set and silver pot for English tea to be served. Band performs. Residents dance then eat at tables.
Access No. 92530 | 58 mins 39 secs | 1990s | Calcutta, India | © NFSA | Colour |
Roll 31 - Chairperson of Tollygunge Home, Mrs Nilima Dutta to camera. She stands outside Tollygunge home talking with Superintendent Mr Noel Puxty. She talks to female residents. Looking down on Calcutta street with traffic and across to grounds and buildings of Tollygunge. Front gates of Tollygunge Home open for Mrs Dutta's car to enter. Dense traffic on street including buses. Female residents in their rooms. Exterior of Loreto House. Entrance to zoo with pedestrians and traffic.
Access No. 92531 | 49 mins 10 secs | 1990s | Calcutta, India | © NFSA | Colour |
Roll 32 - Interior of Tollygunge Home. Elderly man lying on risen bed protected by mosquito net. He is given tablets by helper. View of dormitory style room with beds lining both side walls. VS of the home and its residents. Sign - ÒSilence PleaseÓ.
Access No. 126033 | 15 mins 34 secs | 1990s | Calcutta, India | © NFSA | Colour |
Roll 31 - Resident Mr Patrick Glaskin in his room. A calendar marking off the days to Christmas is on the wall. He marks off 25th December and sits. VS of Christian relics in the room of Mrs Hortencia Loxton. She lies asleep on her bed.
Access No. 126077 | 10 mins | 1990s | Calcutta, India | © NFSA | Colour |
Roll 48 - Superintendent, Mr Noel Puxty with a group of women visitors to the home. Female residents seated on verandah.
Access No. 126100 | 15 mins 34 secs | 1990s | Calcutta, India | © NFSA | Colour |
Roll 51 - Residents Gladys and Doris walking down stairs of home. Mrs Nilima Dutta arrives with her grandchildren and is greeted by Superintendent Noel Puxty. Black car drives away. VS (stills)of crew including Denise Haslem with residents. Calcutta streets at night with Christmas light decorations, traffic and pedestrians. Mrs Dutta travelling in car. Resident Mr Patrick Glaskin in his room. Calcutta streets with billboards, shops, traffic and pedestrians.
Access No. 126101 | 26 mins 35 secs | 1990s | Calcutta, India | © NFSA | Colour |
Roll 43 - Emu, kangaroo, birds and crocodile caged at Calcutta Zoo. Sign - ÒBeware of Pick PocketÓ. Crew including Pat Fiske and Denise Haslem at zoo to camera. Signs - ÒHotel This WayÓ. CU menu board of zoo restaurant. Indian families at the zoo. Man with elephants in their enclosure. Hippopotamus in enclosure watched and fed by spectators. Caged albino rat. Zoo shop. Residents of Tollygunge visit the zoo. Caged rhesus monkeys. Female resident rests on wall after collapsing. She is helped by Tollygunge staff.
Access No. 126112 | 29 mins 2 secs | 1990s | Calcutta - India | © NFSA | Colour |
Roll 13 - Resident of the home Mr Patrick Glaskin seated in chair to camera. WS of Tollygunge with bullocks grazing on lawn. Mrs Dutta departs home in black car. Verandah with sleeping dog. Empty corridor of home. Grounds of home with residents and goose. Residents Reeves and Jimmy walk out of front gate of home on to street with other pedestrians and traffic. Outdoor vendor selling newspapers. Crowd of people watch on as Reeves purchases newspaper. Reeves and Jimmy return to the home.
Access No. 126152 | 38 mins 5 secs | 1990s | Calcutta, India | © NFSA | Colour |
Roll 28 - Ambulance arrives to transport patient to hospital. Stretcher carrying patient is put in back of ambulance. Residents look on. Ambulance departs grounds of home. Pan of empty room of patient. Busy, crowded street of Calcutta with pedestrians, street vendors and traffic.
Access No. 126153 | 10 mins 19 secs | 1990s | Calcutta, India | © NFSA | Colour |
Roll 29 - Resident Mr Patrick Glaskin on crutches walking through grounds of Home. Night scenes of busy Calcutta streets with Christmas decorations and lights. Residents Mr And Mrs McKenzie to camera.
Access No. 126375 | 28 mins 33 secs | 1990s | Calcutta, India | © NFSA | Colour |