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Part 15 Mamu

Two men of the Western Desert chase a mamu or evil spirit out of camp.
Series : People of the Australian Western Desert | Episode : 15 | Year : 1969 | Total Duration : 7.5 Minutes | Producer : John Martin-Jones
Director : Ian Dunlop |
Two aboriginal men Djungurai and Garimara chase mamu (evil spirit) out of camp as they are mapantjara, men who have the power to remove powerful bones and sticks from their stomachs and use them for powerful magic and medicine. They simulate removal of bones from their stomachs and hit bones along ground using spear throwers. Family group watch from distance. (Oct 1967)
Access No. 126168 | 6 mins 58 secs | 1960s | Spring Granite (Kunapurul), near Warburton Mission, WA, Australia | © Restricted Access - Contact Film Australia Collection Library | B&W |