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Golden Sands

Sand mining operations on the eastern and western coasts of Australia,
Year : 1967 | Total Duration : 11 Minutes | Producer : John Martin-Jones
Director : John Shaw |
Track of surfer on wave. VS beach crowds sunbaking and under umbrellas. Women in bikinis being sprayed with suntan oil by woman. VS women in bikinis (commentary referring to "birdwatching"). WS waves, beaches and zoom to dredge on shore. WS sandhills. Tilt up stream of mineral spray from hydraulic hose. VS over mine, MS large truck carrying sand minerals arriving. GS man supervising stream of black minerals into container, MS colourful glass flasks in laboratory, men testing titanium oxide being mixed in large vats. MS technician studying colour card with magnifier. Tilt down space rocket behind launch barriers. Workers in hardhats with giant earth drill. GS floating dredge in man made pond, VS plumes of discarded minerals being discharged. VS sluicing process dislodging mineral-bearing sands. VS high pressure hose, tractor, heavy earthmoving equipment digging out sand, scoops, drivers and bulldozers. High pans over mine machinery.
Access No. 136476 | 4 mins 3 secs | 1960s | Australia | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | Colour |
Pans around Queensland sand mining processing plant. VS tractors scooping and loading heavy minerals into truck. VS processing and separating. CUs bags of rutile, zircon, ilmenite, monazite, garnet, leucoxene and radioactive warning sticker. VS bags being loaded for shipping, container ship at dock. Tilt down black minerals being loaded into container. VS wharf activity and forklift truck with sacks of zircon. Crane loading zircon onto ship. VS tip trucks with black minerals across sand and unloading onto sand. VS restorative processes, bulldozers levelling mined area, men tending seedlings in nursery, grader on beach and WS treated dune area. Tilt down medical scanning machine to patient's leg being manipulated below. CU xrays of hip joint and CUs artificial hip joint, artificial heart valve. Xray machine over patient, images of valve in persons chest.
Access No. 136481 | 3 mins 34 secs | 1960s | Australia | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | Colour |
CU welding flame, welder in full metal helmet. Shipbuilding, WS ship under construction, scaffolding and cranes. Pan across television colour bars to other screens in control room. Robotic arms handling radioactive thorium and CU to engineer operating robotics. VS foundry interior, several workers pouring molten white metal into zircon faced mould. Worker painting mould with zircon wash. CU metal cog. CUs women modelling large earrings made of zircon. Scientist at vat of red titanium oxide, zoom to red liquid. CU large circular turbo engine on wing of plane made of titanium. WS Qantas jet plane taxiing on runway and past camera then taking off, flying over camera.
Access No. 136485 | 2 mins 35 secs | 1960s | Australia | © Contact Film Australia Collection Library | Colour |