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Dances at Aurukun 1962

A record of traditional Aboriginal dancing at Aurukun Mission on Cape York Peninsula in far north Queensland.
Year : 1964 | Total Duration : 29.5 Minutes | Producer : Frank Bagnall
Director : Ian Dunlop |
Preparation for dances. Carving and painting totems and wooden animals. Men with feathers on their heads. Painting bodies. Aboriginal men performing two dances. Sara, creator from the north. Erli - Abbin, the tiger shark. Dances involves totems, some clapping, spears. Aboriginal men performing two dances. Wolkollin, the bonefish and Punka, the wallaby (parts one, two and three). Aboriginal men performing two dances. Pikowa and Ken, the Salt and Fresh Water Crocodile and Taipan and Wala, the snake and the lizard. Some women involved. Aboriginal men performing two dances. Wuka and Mukam, the flying fox and Ningkushun, fresh water shark. Some women involved.
Access No. 124621 | 29 mins 43 secs | 1960s | Aurukun, Cape York, Qld, Australia | © Restricted Access - Contact Film Australia Collection Library | Colour |