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Ana - An Interpreter

Ana, a Spanish interpreter at the North Richmond Family Care Centre, discusses some of the issues that arise in her work.
Series : Our Multicultural Society Series 1 | Episode : 1 | Year : 1978 | Total Duration : 8 Minutes | Producer : Tom Manefield
Director : Debby Kingsland |
VS exterior huge Housing Commission flats. CUs receptionist at switch at North Richmond Family Care Centre. VS Spanish interpreter Ana interacting with patients and doctors. MS interview with doctor explaining success of Ana's role. Small girl at public red phone, VS people and children in community waiting room. VS interpreters of various nationalities interacting with migrants across counter. VS doctor examining small boy and grappling with toddler having tantrum assisted by mother and Ana. Interview with Spanish woman. Ana acting as an intermediary between Spanish patients and doctor. CU interview with Ana. Quicktime clip available.
Access No. 148318 | 8 mins 14 secs | 1970s | North Richmond, Melbourne, VIC, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |