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Guide to Canberra

An overview highlighting the many facets of Canberra, the nation's capital.
Year : 1958 | Total Duration : 16.5 Minutes | Producer : Eric Thompson
Director : Colin Dean |
Two children looking at their mother standing on a dirt road next to a vintage Holden car. Actors Joy Warren plays the Mother, Diane Walter as the daughter and Robert Warren as the son.
Various high angle shots over Canberra. VS transport: TAA (Trans Australian Airways) plane landing, bus along road, car at tourist map of Canberra. CU of map, cars at intersection, Old Parliament House from different views, West Block administration buildings, entrance to Department of Primary Industries, entrance to Department of Works, VS Administration building. WS Molonglo River and bridge. HMAS Harman Naval Wireless station, antenna and insignia, women in defence uniforms boarding bus. Sign to RAAF, plane maintenance at Canberra airport at Fairbairn, observation tower and view of plane on tarmac from tower. Sign to Royal Defence Academy Duntroon, VS military parade, Gs presentation ceremony. WS Australian War Memorial.
Access No. 40888 | 3 mins 26 secs | 1950s | Canberra, ACT, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |
Various views of Canberra churches including St Andrew's Presbyterian, St Paul's Anglican Church, St Christopher's Cathedral and Wesley Uniting Church (formerly National Memorial Methodist Church). Statue of Robert Burns, entrance to Yarralumla Nursery, nurserymen with seedlings,flowers in glass house, CU cyclamens. CU prunus blossoms, pan along row of pansies, VS gardens. WS family walking dog in park with LS to Administrative building. VS two gardeners planting out seedlings. CU cement mixer turning to WS labourers on construction site. Workers shovelling stones into cement mixer on different site. Pan of new apartment buildings, GS of clothes on lines in drying area.
Access No. 40898 | 2 mins 21 secs | 1950s | Canberra, ACT, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |
Kitchen interior, woman tending pot on stove, pouring water from jug into teapot, setting tray, Westinghouse refrigerator. Two women on lounge with baby playing on floor and toddling, women sitting on lounge drinking tea as baby plays on floor. WS of contemporary Canberra home, and VS suburban houses, boy climbing steep driveway on tricycle. VS cocktail party in house, men in club drinking beer, shaking hands, beer garden atmosphere of sergeants' mess in Duntroon Military College. Family entering dining room of government hostel, pan of guests in rooms with man writing at desk, man waxing skis, group drinking coffee and woman shampooing hair at sink.
Access No. 40899 | 2 mins 4 secs | 1950s | Canberra, ACT, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |
CU programme for "The Imaginary Invalid", Canberra Repertory Theatre Society performing on stage. MS laughing audience members. Young women cyclists, women catching buses, policeman directing pedestrians, cyclists, and mixed vehicle traffic in Canberra streets. School bus, VS children leaving bus. WS Turner Infants School, preschool children painting outdoors, young children playing on playground equipment. High angle shot over school buildings, GS tractor working grounds of Yarralumla Primary School. VS Canberra Grammar School historic main buildings, MS boys doffing boater hats to priest, Christian Brothers College, St. Edmund's. Students on lawns of Canberra University College, buildings of Postgraduate Australian National University, John Curtin School of Medical Research, VS entrance to Institute of Anatomy and Research School of Physical Sciences, mother and son looking at equipment inside.
Access No. 40901 | 2 mins 36 secs | 1950s | Canberra, ACT, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |
WS shopping centre, VS Capitol Theatre Canberra. VS Manuka shopping centre and Kingston Arcade, various shop interiors including chemist and delicatessen. WS Civic Centre, VS arched colonnades, woman lunching on grass nearby. VS traffic, stores, Coles Stores hording, couple window shopping at Prouds, Anthony Horden & Sons, Woolworths, Rogers, Chic Salon and Chattertons. VS woman buying coat, MS shop assistant. Two women at counter at jumper store. CU woman opening menu of Lumby's Restaurant, CUs making espresso coffee, couple drinking coffee in cafe. WS exterior of hotel lounge bar, exterior motel restaurant. VS Canberra Tourist Bureau, tourists looking at posters.
Access No. 40903 | 3 mins 36 secs | 1950s | Canberra, ACT, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |
VS people at snowfields skiing, making snowman, on slopes. Australian Rules football match, soccer match, quick shot of men's hockey and CU on golf club hitting off. LS of golf course fairway, doubles tennis match, cricket match, bowls, trout fishing in the Murrumbidgee River. VS people swimming and enjoying public olympic swimming pool Slow-motion track of boy diving from springboard into pool. Mother and son bike riding in country, horse riding with views over Canberra. High angle pan over city and countryside with LS to distant mountains.
Access No. 40904 | 2 mins 30 secs | 1950s | Canberra, ACT, Australia | © NFSA | B&W |