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Marsupials, Naturally - The Numbat

A study of the little-known numbat - a small marsupial that lives on termites - filmed in its wild state.
Series : Australian Wildlife Series | Year : 1970 | Total Duration : 14 Minutes | Producer : David Bairstow
Director : John Shaw |
Crew members with director John Shaw (centre) preparing to film numbats on set. Mother and baby numbat. Mother with baby numbat. Numbat feeding on termites. Numbats feeding on termites.
Numbats in an enclosure, eating termites. Possum on a tree branch.
High angle zoom in to numbat near dead fallen trunk. Very good CUs of numbat. VS numbat walking along trunk (some shots blurry). ECU numbat's face and CUs eating termites from gallery in decaying trunk with long narrow pink tongue visible. ECUs flicking tongue.
Access No. 130478 | 1 min 18 secs | 1970s | WA, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
WS forest. Pan of flowering native bush. CU blur to focus on blossoms of yellow native plant with spiky leaves. Zoom in to goanna on forest floor . Zoom to echidna on back extending long tongue. CU shingleback or stump-tailed lizard. GS numbat walking near fallen tree.
Access No. 130479 | 59 secs | 1970s | WA, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
CUs numbat around open forest floor and high angle shot of numbat on fallen log and briefly standing on hind legs. Very good CU of native cat (quoll) face as it crouches close to ground. CU marsupial mouse hopping on ground and CU Tasmanian Devil on muddy ground.
Access No. 130481 | 1 min 1 sec | 1970s | WA, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
CUs numbat tearing into termite galleries with claws on rotting log and eating termites with long tongue. CUs long tail and numbat's face in profile with long snout. ECUs ears, eyes and lashes, nostrils and scent gland on neck. CUs tongue searching for termites
Access No. 130482 | 2 mins 43 secs | 1970s | WA, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
X-ray of numbat in profile feeding on termites and CUs of eating termites. ECUs of termites swarming around galleries in rotted log and around bloated queen. ECUs of ants and termites. Zoom to termites' nest in living tree and ECU termites. Steep tilt up wandoo eucalyptus tree.
Access No. 130483 | 1 min 15 secs | 1970s | WA, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
Track through open eucalyptus forest scattered with fallen trees and hollow logs. GS numbat scratching around log for termites. MS carpet snake across ground then zoom to alert head. Track to fallen log POV snake and VS numbat running out of log and running away from camera. High shot numbat emerging from log.
Access No. 130485 | 1 min 30 secs | 1970s | WA, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
VS bushfire with MS orange flames. Fast pan to cleared forest completely denuded of vegetation. Zoom to burrow entrance and good CUs of numbat with mate. ECU of female numbat's teats. ECUs of embryonic tiny new born numbats attached to teats. ECUs of developing babies now with downy fur. Zoom out of numbat with five month old baby on back.
Access No. 130486 | 2 mins 7 secs | 1970s | WA, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |
High angle zoom in to family of four juvenile numbats with adult on leaf letter. CUs juvenile chewing termites. VS juvenile numbats climbing onto mother's back and holding on with teeth and CUs numbats feeding on termites. Zoom out and pan over scattered fallen trees on open forest floor.
Access No. 130487 | 2 mins | 1970s | WA, Australia | © NFSA | Colour |