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This film outlines Gloria Caballe's struggle against fascism - from the Spanish Civil War, through the second World War to present day Latin America.
Year : 1984 | Total Duration : 14 Minutes | Producer : Janet Bell, Jo Horsburgh, Faith Martin, Liza Taylor
Director : Patricia Boero |
CU pan across photographs. VS Uruguayan migrant Gloria in her flat, with her granddaughter and reading a letter. Gloria with her daughter, both speak Spanish, English voice-over. Zoom out from CU B&W photograph of social activist Rita Ibarburu, Gloria dictating a letter to Ibarburu to daughter. Montage of photographs of Uruguayan woman supporting Spanish Republic and Gloria's anti-fascist and feminist beliefs told through letter. Archival footage from WWII, women suffering, Ravensbruck concentration camp for women. B&W photographs of Gloria and others from the Uruguayan Womens' League. CU Picasso's painting "Guernica", archival colour footage of 1983 protests, Argentina. Women singing during protest in Chile, 1983, street arrests. Gloria placing red rose over chest.
Access No. 148210 | 4 mins 56 secs | 1980s | Australia | © Unclear | Colour |
VS two Uruguayan women in home cooking and sewing. VS four Uruguayan women gathered around table planning protest to free Uruguayan political prisoner Rita Ibarburu. VS migrants reciting text in English class. Migrant Gloria on telephone. Women meeting at Latin American Cultural Centre, cooking, singing. Gloria making speech in Spanish to audience followed by Jeanette McHugh, MP. Spanish woman singing protest song. VS protest marches in Sydney, VS posters and banners. Footage of massive protest in Montevideo, Uruguay, footage Rita Ibarburu after her 1983 release. Pans of B&W photographs of Uruguayans missing or imprisoned.
Access No. 148492 | 9 mins 14 secs | 1980s | Australia | © Restricted | Colour |