Saving Your Search

Online searches and footage enquiries are stored only for the current session. However, if you are logged in as an online member, you can store your recent and saved search history and current enquiry for as long as you like.

To save your search, log in as an online member.

Tips for a Better Search

  • In the Search Terms area, enter words that describe what you want (descriptive words, a program title, a filmmaker's name).
  • You can use one or more words, or even parts of words.
  • The search is not case sensitive; you can use lowercase or capital letters.
  • Do not use punctuation such as asterisks (*), quote marks (" "), commas, slashes (/), addition signs (+), question marks or apostrophes, even if they appear within a title.
  • From the dropdown box, select the search required - all words, any words or exact phrase.
  • For more specific results, use one of the filters available – you can search by title, keywords, photographer, copyright, colour/black and white, year, decade and location.

The results of your search will be displayed as a list of program titles along with specific footage and/or stills that contain the search term. The search term will be highlighted where it appears.

Previews have been added to the online collection. Currently there are more than 21,000 records, including over 1000 clips available for about 100 titles. These are for research purposes only; you need permission to use this material.